MCSL Individual Allstar Meet is Sunday, July 27th.

We hope to post allstar results from the divisional meets by late Saturday evening, July 19.  We have been getting results from meets very slowly, so this may not be possible.  Please encourage the prompt reporting of divisional results by your teams!

As of now we do not have results from the Kentlands/Potomac meet or the Parklands/West Hillandale meet.  Please encourage your automation people to send results in promptly.


Individual Allstar Scratches are due by 6 pm Sunday, July 20th.  This is true whether or not allstar results are posted prior to that time.  Scratches must be submitted via email to:  Late scratches will not be accepted!!

It is very important that all scratches come in promptly so that we may notify alternate swimmers so they may swim.


Scratches must include:

          The name of the swimmer.

          The name and abbreviation of the team.

          A contact e-mail and phone.

          A valid return e-mail address.

          The stroke (s) that the swimmer does not wish to swim.

            If the swimmer as scratching all strokes (i.e. will not be there), please so indicate.


Scratches that are hypothetical, involve “what-if” scenarios, are contingent, or are improperly submitted (e.g. “I want to swim back only”) will not be accepted, nor will we notify the senders.  Please refer to the handbook (pages 59-60) regarding the seeding process.  If it is important that your swimmer swims a particular stroke, they should scratch out of other strokes – it is common for higher level scratches and seeds to move swimmers several places, and occasionally into other strokes.

Please notify us if there are any errors, omissions, or wrong team affiliations.  


Please note that swimmers who do not swim a stroke in the Allstar meet for which they are seeded will be disqualified for the remainder of the meet.  (see rule 17.c.iii.3)



Proceed to Week 5 Allstar results (pdf)

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